Christianity in the Middle East
Christianity in the Middle East
Christianity in the Middle East is an international, quarterly, bilingual scientific journal of open access on theology and topical issues of modern and historical Christian Middle Eastern issues.

The journal Christianity in the Middle East is thematically focused on the study of the formation, development and current position of the Christian religion in the region of the Greater Middle East and theology in general.
The development of the journal is planned to be carried out in several thematic areas presented below
At the same time, the journal identifies the African continent as one of the promising areas for Christianity in the future. The journal is interested and will work on the study of Christianity in Africa, and in this connection devotes a separate thematic block of its scientific direction to this region.

The Middle East is the region where the Christian religion originated and had its initial distribution. The problems of the formation and development of Christianity in the Middle East deserve careful study in the light of the new challenges associated with the transformation of the Christian presence in the region. The journal is interested in the publication of scientific research, regardless of the confessional and religious affiliation of the author. The journal does not distinguish the value of articles on the basis of a statement about the author's belonging to the Christian religion and sympathy for it.

The journal is planned to be developed in three thematic areas presented below.


The current state of the Christian religion in the Middle East (1917 - our days)

1. Christianity in Palestine

2. Christianity in the Arabian Peninsula

3. Christianity in the North of Africa

4. Christianity in the Greater Middle East

The section is devoted to the study of the modern Christian presence in the region, the analysis of the situation of Christian churches, communities of believers, religious missions; the relationship of Christian churches, as well as their relationship with Islam, Judaism and other religions.

Questions of a theological and church-practical character that influenced the situation and development of the Christian religion in the region at the present stage are considered. The subjects of the persecution of Christians, the growing or fading of the Christian presence, the relationship of Christian faiths with the state power of the host country, the participation of the Christian religion in the political and cultural processes of society are being studied.

We study the biographical information of authoritative Christian theologians, representatives of the ecclesiastical and confessional hierarchy, ordinary believers who have exerted some influence on the life of Christian communities. Materials are published that reflect memories of travel to holy places or creative notes about Christianity in the region from both the authors themselves and others.

History of Christianity in the Middle East

5. The Roman period

6. Byzantine period

7. The Ottoman Period

The section publishes studies on the history of the formation, spread, development and persecution of Christian churches, the Christian population of different countries, corresponding to the region of the modern Greater Middle East, from the formation of the Christian religion until 1917.

It is important to publish studies related to the study of the birth of Christian communities in Palestine, the nineteen-century history of the spread of Christianity in the region of the modern Middle East, the formation of regional theological tendencies, theological disputes, heresies; the relationship between Christian churches and the hierarchy with state power, the local population, and representatives of heretical and faithful communities.

Christianity in Africa

8. The current situation of the Christian religion on the African continent (1960 - our days)

9. History of the Christian Presence in Africa

Theology (section closed)

By scientific specialties: Theoretical Theology, Historical Theology, Practical Theology.

"Debt unpaid." In memory of Nikolai Nikolaevich Lisovoy (section closed)

The section is dedicated to the creative heritage of the outstanding theologian, historian, writer and poet Nikolai Nikolaevich Lisovoy (10/23/1946–01/07/2019). Heading editor: Dmitrii Safonov, priest.


The section includes publication of reviews on books corresponding to the subject of the journal, published no later than half a year before the day the manuscript was received by the editorial office.

Reviews about the held conferences, round tables, presentations, forums, thematic meetings.

It is possible to publish author translations or excerpts from previously published collections or books that have become a notable event in a national or international scientific field.


In accordance with the definition of open access formulated at the Budapest Conference on Open Access, users of the journal are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, quote full-text articles of the journal, provide links to them without prior approval from the publisher or author of the material.
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