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Christianity in the Middle East is an international, quarterly, print, bilingual scientific journal of open access on theology and topical issues of modern and historical Christian Middle Eastern issues.

All issues of the journal are in the public domain immediately after the publication of the journal.

The journal Christianity in the Middle East is thematically focused on the study of the formation, development and current position of the Christian religion in the region of the Greater Middle East and theology in general.

At the same time, the journal identifies the African continent as one of the promising areas for Christianity in the future. The journal is interested and will work on the study of Christianity in Africa, and in this connection devotes a separate thematic block of its scientific direction to this region.

The journal is planned to be developed in three thematic areas presented below.​


The current state of the Christian religion in the Middle East (1917 - our days)

Christianity in Palestine

Christianity in the Arabian Peninsula

Christianity in the North of Africa

Christianity in the Greater Middle East

History of Christianity in the Middle East

The Roman period

Byzantine period

The Ottoman Period

Christianity in Africa


The current situation of the Christian religion on the African continent (1960 - our days)

History of the Christian Presence in Africa



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